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  Vertical Multistage (VMS) Booster Pumps

The VMS multi-stage range of quality, stainless steel in-line centrifugal pumps is a versatile & economic option designed for a wide range of applications. Basically suited to low viscosity, clean liquids these inline pumps are compact and highly efficient.

With specialised chemical applications it is recommended that you consult with our technical department to ensure satisfactory unit selection and material compatibility.


   Typical Applications  
   Municipal Water Supply & Pressure  boosting  
   Domestic Water Supply  
   Boiler Feed & Condensate Systems  
   Cooling Water Systems  
   Irrigation & Dewatering  
   Fire Fighting Installations  
   Washing Systems & Wash-down  Plants  
   High Rise Building Pressure Boosting  
   Model Code  
     How to read the model code...
VMS S 2 150
     VMS = Vertical Multistage Stainless  Steel Pump
     2 = Nominal flow rate in m3/h

 150 = Number of stages x 10

Vertical Multistage (VMS) Booster Pumps


Vertical Multistage (VMS) Booster Pumps

Technical Data

Ambient Temperature: 0° to 40° C
Liquid Temperature: -15° to 90° C (Standard Design)
Min Suction Pressure: NPSA (required), per curves, plus 0.5 metres
Pump Construction: Available in either 304 or 316 stainless steel

Motor Standards

Single Phase: (to 1.5kW) Aluminium Frame, 220v/1ph/50Hz, IP55, Class F.
Three Phase: Aluminium Frame, 400v/3ph/50Hz, IP55, Class F
Variable speed control is an optional addition.
NEMA standard motors are available on request.

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