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Alarm Systems

High/Low Level Alarm

Sophisticated, Audio-Visual 'High / Low Level Alarm' for use with sewage / wastewater sumps or water tanks.


Flooding / Spilling of hazardous sewage and waste water due to submersible pump failure or overflowing of potable water from the holding tank can happen if there is no prior warning to the user.

To combat this Wallace Pumps have produced the Electronic High / Low Level Alarm system. It will give a prior audio-visual warning of the possible overflow so that the remedial action can be taken in advance.

Features & Benefits

High or Low Level Audio-Visual Alarm Actuation by Float Switch
High Intensity Flashing LED Indication for 'Alarm On'
LED Indication for 'Power On'
Audio Buzzer sound activation for alarm situation
'Mute' switch on panel to stop the buzzer sound only
Set of Volts free contacts for Remote Alarm or BMS systems
Safe Low Voltage (12V DC) control circuit for float / pressure switch
Standard 230V, 1 Phase, 50 HZ power input to unit
Can be used as High / Low Pressure Alarm system by using a
standard pressure switch as sensor instead of float switch

Download Brochure & Spec Sheet

Electronic Water Monitor

Multi-function alarm and/or control panel for WALLACE MULTISAN, SANIBOY-G & SANISTAR Sewage / Wastewater Pumps.


Connect the high level sensor contacts in Multisan pumps, or the normally open volts free contacts in pump control panel of Saniboy-G & Sanistar pumps, to the high level alarm terminals of Electronic Water Monitor. Supply 230V AC power to Electronic Water Monitor.

1  When high level is reached - sound & alarm LED will light
2  And solenoid valve/s will close to avoid flooding
3  And/ Or open solenoid valve in a cold water line preventing
4  And/ Or power supply automatically interrupted switching off your machine
5  And/Or get high level fault signals to your Building Management System

Features & Benefits

High Level Alarm Actuation / Mute
24 VAC Solenoid valves control for water supply isolation
Volts free contacts for Building Management System
230V, 1 Phase output power interruption to washing machine,
dishwasher etc
'Power On / Off switch
Auto / Manual override switch
Low Voltage control circuit
Built in protection to unit against High or Low power supply
Download Brochure & Spec Sheet