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Wallace is the New Zealand Distributor for this rich assortment of products.

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Danfoss Danfoss Actuator

Danfoss Water Controls- a specialized range of self-acting and actuated valves to serve a broad range of applications in various fields of water and control of moving fluids.
Industrial, Municipal Water and Wastewater

Homa are a German manufacturer of submersible pumps and mixers. The Homa products are primarily designed for use in waste water and storm water applications, in both municipal and private usage.

Submersible Pumps & Systems
IMP manufacture an extensive range of domestic, commercial and industrial heating pumps, both glandless and glanded, together with chilled water pumps, H.W.S. bronze pumps and pumps for non-aggressive fluids.
Dooch Dooch
Dooch are a South Korean manufacturer of variable speed drive pumps and pump controllers. Can be used for stand alone pumps or in sets of up to eight pumps in parallel.

Variable Speed Control Panels
Chemical and Corrosive Fluids
MetPro Metpro


The world leader in the design and manufacture of fiberglass reinforced pumps. These pumps are available in different materials to provide excellent corrosion resistance for tough applications including pumping of acids, brines, caustics, bleaches, solvents, seawater and a wide range of waste liquids.


Recognized worldwide for high quality industrial process pumps. These pumps are manufactured in a variety of metals to handle a broad range of high temperature and chemical process applications.


Design and manufacture corrosion resistant pumps and filtration systems for the chemical, industrial and metal finishing industries.